Ideal Conceal

For our technology assignment I wanted to write on the Ideal Conceal Pistol. For this assignment we need to write about a new technology which will affect social media in the future. This new technology will not only affect social media but also the way law enforcement will interact with civilians and the way civilians will interact with them.

Now a days we see many more cases of law enforcement aggression and civilian aggression towards law enforcement as well; (or we report on it more). Keri Blakinger wrote about a recent fatal shooting on January 2nd in Las Vegas Nevada where police killed Keith Childress a twenty-three year old who was wanted in Arizona for multiple violent felonies. United States Marshals were tailing Childress when they called for backup from the local police department. The Las Vegas Police Department was under the impression that Childress had attempted murder charges when that wasn’t the case. Childress was found holding an item in his hand; the police opened fire and fatally shot him. Childress had a hidden item in his pocket and was advancing on the police when he was shot. In his hand was a cell phone. This incident is the 16th officer involved shooting in Las Vegas since 2015.

When I first heard of the Ideal Conceal Pistol I wasn’t too fond of the idea for reasons like the one above, law enforcement officers are sometimes confused with what someone has in their hand even if it just a phone and now we will actually have firearms that will look like cell phones causing the ideal conceallaw enforcement community to be more on edge when they see someone pull out a phone shaped object. Some of the time these incidents occur because of the fact that people panic when they see an officer, and they try to pull out identification or a cell phone and under trained officers shoot them. A good tip is if you are ever stopped by the police you should never put your hands in your jacket and look as if you are holding a weapon and don’t pull out you cell phone if an officer is uneasy.

But when I was looking into this new pistol I ran across a video from the Yankee Marshal and he explained how this is a simple way for a law abiding citizen who wants to conceal carry and can’t because of clothes restrictions or because they might make others around them feel uncomfortable, you can either carry it in a pocket or on the belt and people who don’t need to know it’s a gun won’t figure this out. Once I heard this explanation it made sense but there are still risks involved with this but if you are responsible you should never have a problem.

This technology will affect how law enforcement conducts themselves around civilians and how we conduct ourselves around law enforcement and how the media will portray shootings in the future involving phones or this ideal conceal pistol. This applies to social media because this weapon portrays itself to be a device that most us have on us at all times to connect with each other through social media.



Stand-alone Mobile Apps vs. Internet Browser Apps

appIf I had the opportunity to choose one over the other when it came to stand-alone mobile apps vs. internet browser apps I would choose internet based apps almost every time. I usually use GroupMe, Chrome, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Maps, and Snapchat over other apps like text, notes, offline dictionary, and some of the games I have on my phone. It’s pretty sad to think that without Wi-Fi or mobile data most of the apps that I have on my phone would be totally worthless.

But with the stand alone apps you usually have only a few things you can do with the apps. Like with Note you can obviously write notes, the apps tend to be tools and definitely not social media. I usually use texting but I mostly tend to use GroupMe when I send messages.

With Spotify, Kindle and Audible you have a nice blend of both. Spotify allows you to find the songs you want to listen to later, and it lets you download them to the app (not the phone itself), when you are offline on a hike or something away from any form of internet you can still enjoy these songs. The Same goes for Audible, you buy an audiobook and listen to it on the app and on Kindle you can read it like a pdf but strictly on the app.

Another thing that I found interesting on the topic was the comment that Professor Parker mentioned in class. He said something along the lines of “back before smartphones, apps didn’t mean what they mean now; they were application that you found on the computer and now it seems like if you don’t have  your application on a phone it won’t survive.” That was a real eye opener when it comes to applications like Facebook and Skype. I remember when Skype wasn’t on phones just strictly on computers. Now it seems as the tables have turned and apps open on a smartphone and maybe they’ll have a computer version.

It really makes me wonder what is in store for apps in general whether they are stand-alone or internet browser apps. Not too long ago were things radically different when it came to technology and social media and probably someone in ten years will say the same about now.

Viral Videos

I remember in high school watching the Double Rainbow video and the Bed Intruder video and also watching the remixed songs made from those videos. I remember thinking, “You know your video went viral if someone auto tuned your voice and added some catchy beat.” Once I started looking more into viral videos and how they get their start I went back to see how many actual views the two videos got. I was surprised to see that they really did not get as many views as viral videos get now a days. The double rainbow video had 42,925,311 views which is a lot even for today’s viral video standards, the video auto tune remix song came received 37,257,045 views which is also a lot. But the Bed Intruder video only had 1,414,807 views and I remember it better because the song that came from the video was so catchy. The Bed Intruder song came out with 131,916,392 views, which is 130,000,000 more views than the original video. I found that really surprising since the numbers were way different. But the more I looked into it I noticed once they auto tuned the video and turned it into a catchy song they posted it onto iTunes, I assume the heavy traffic from iTunes caused they higher views on YouTube.

I got thinking about how social media has grown since those videos came out and looking at the most viewed YouTube video. According to Hollywood Reporter, Korean rapper Psy’s music video “Gangnam Style” has the most views ever with more than 2.2 billion views since it released on July, 15th of 2012. That’s way more than the second most viewed video of YouTube of only 1.1 billion views. It’s really interesting to see those compared to the videos I remember in high school.

I remember Travis Chambers showing us his video of Kobe vs. Messi and how the different atmospheres he recorded in and having two of the most popular spots athletes be in his video caused him to make a viral hit on YouTube and the internet in general. It reminded me about a talk I had in a class about how there are certain celebrities that are considered trend setters and if they have a part in a video it tends to become viral. Two of the people that come to mind are Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, both are late night talk show hosts and comedians. Jimmy Kimmel even proved that he was a trend setter when he made a video and spoke about it on his show to see if by the end of the week he could make it viral. He did just that and he also had the actress that starred in the video come out to the show.

Search Engine Optimization

When I saw thegeo-tagging.png topic of Search engine optimization the first thing that came to mind was Google and Bing. I saw a video explain the way search engines optimize their searches through algorithms and that’s why when you look for something on Google you might get different results for it on Bing. You could think of these search engines as the librarians of the internet according to Common Craft. They are supposed to find the most relevant things pertaining to the information that you are searching for.

It then goes on to explain for someone that wants to be first on the list when someone looks up information pertaining or relevant to their website and they want a higher traffic flow into their website they need to have the right information. This is where the actual search engine optimization actually comes in. Because the words matter, this means that the search engines look into every word in a webpage. Along with the contents and words, the titles of the websites matter as well. They are embedded in the code of the websites and the search engines use this a lot because often times they summarize all the info. Next is links, this is pretty interesting because if a website has a lot of credible links to it, it usually gets preference because it is possible to own other pages and put links to a page that is not credible. Somehow Google and Bing do a good job at weighting the credible sites more than the shady ones. The words in the links are also important, and overall having a good website helps those achieve their goal of having their page be optimized when people search for them.

Now that we have a more clear understanding on how to have a webpage become more popular in searches I want to talk about the interesting optimization that is geotagging. Geotagging is a form of metatagging that allows you to automatically put in your latitude and longitude and sometimes your altitude and place names when taking a photo and posting it onto social media. This idea can be cool to show friend a cool area when on a hike or in a new city when you post your photos. It uses your GPS to send this information along with the photo when you upload. Some people are also frightened when they find out that phones automatically do this when a photo is taken, mostly for the fear that their children could be tracked by sexual predators through social media.  ABC2 News tried to track someone this way and found it easy to find out where the person lived. It is a feature that some people don’t know about. My suggestion is to take the time to understand how your features and social media works whether it’s on your phone or not.


Management Platforms and Tools

When I started writing about this subject for today’s blog I truly had no idea what an aggregator was. It sounded like something to do with agriculture but I was way off. According to AOL-logo aggregators are, “Web-based or installed application that aggregates related, frequently updated content from various Internet sources and consolidates it in one place for viewing.” I also understood that aggregators could be people who get other to pay attention to a specific site, company or group. AOL would be considered an aggregator. It’s funny because when I think of AOL I think of when I had to get on the internet through a phone line and wait for the tone and you couldn’t get or give calls while you were online. It was an internet provider who gave you a free month of internet then you would be suckered into buying it as if they were drug dealers giving you your first “hit on the house and after you were hooked then they had you. I thought it was worthless but the Huffington Post didn’t see it that way. Since hard copy newspapers are becoming old news, pun intended, and internet based news is how many of us get our information about what is going on around us, the Huffington Post was looking for a better way to make sure they stay current so ironically they bought one of the oldest ways to get into the internet…AOL; and for 315 million dollars, man was I very wrong about their worth! Well AOL being a major aggregator the Huffington Post thought it a good idea to merge the companies. The website talks about how online news sources got big early on by focusing on certain parts of the news. They pointed out how Perez Hilton focused on pop and celebrities and that worked out well for him But the Huffington Post being a bit broader than a specific person needed a way to get an edge in the news sector. The Huffington Post currently employs 6,000 bloggers for free to produce their content. That meant that they have 6,000 different sources of aggregators and mindsets so they are very diverse and apparently full of opposing mindsets. The Huffington Post is also getting called out for gathering other people’s thoughts and selling it as their own without compensation, that’s probably why they felt they needed AOL as another source.

Organizational Uses

I started looking into Quarter Circle 10 based out of Tucson, Arizona. They are Armalite Rifle AR platform. They build pistol caliber ARs from their GSF Lower that can shoot 9mm, .40S&W, 357 Sig using Glock magazines. To their GSF Glock large frame that shoots the hefty 45 ACP. I would consider Quarter Circle 10 a smaller company when it comes to the broad spectrum of the AR platform. But when it comes to the pistol caliber AR field they are the first to work with not only with colt 30 round magazines but with Glock pistol magazines. This gives this company an edge when it comes to catering to the market that likes to train with their AR-15s but the cost of the ammunition hinders then from getting enough practice with their platform. This is where you would be able to use an AR-9mm with a much more cost efficient round to do the same drills with the same feel to your rifle. People that could take advantage of this rifle could be law enforcement, people who train against home invasions, three-gun enthusiasts, military, or someone who just loves shooting ARs but can’t afford the expensive calibers.

UntitledI contacted Quarter Circle 10 over email, phone, and Facebook in the past. The first time I contacted Quarter Circle 10 was over the phone. I had some questions about their small Glock frames and if they had distributors in Salt Lake City or in Logan. I talked to a very nice gentleman who informed me of who I could contact in Salt Lake City to see if they had any of their merchandise in stock. It turned out the man that helped me over the phone was one of the co-founders of Quarter Circle 10. I thought It was cool that they would have the owner speak for the company because who else would be more qualified than him. After I finally tracked down a supplier I bought a lower and bolt carrier group from them. I had one other choice. Angstadt Arms also builds AR-15s in a pistol caliber but I did not get answers from them about their product in the same quick response manner that Quarter Circle 10 gave me. Also having that company’s proximity farther than Quarter Circle 10 also was a factor in my choice.

After buying my AR-15 parts I had more questions on products that were coming soon. I emailed Quarter Circle 10 and I received a response the same day of my question. They were very courteous in their help and I was happy I had done business with them in the past. After having my second good interaction with them I started following them on Facebook and Instagram. They post pictures of their weapons being modeled with and without people. They really know how to get people looking for their products. Another thing that made me see that they were a company that was very in tune with their customers was that they also post pictures of firearms that people send to them. They give a shout out to the owner and they also put the specifications to the firearm being exhibited if the owner gives the information. So that if you like the build you could replicate it or turn yours into a version. They also keep everyone updated on new products coming out through Facebook and they give shout outs to other small firearms companies that sell AR-15 parts. You can tell that them being a smaller business they know how they would like to be treated and do the same to others.

Case Reflection 2

To be honest it is very refreshing to see that a police department seen as showing that Law Enforcement as part of the community and that they are there to protect and serve. Often times we see the negative things that law enforcement does across the country for the reason that social media is becoming a bigger part of all of our daily lives. Whether a person had personal accounts of social media or if it is for businesses, unions, and organizations or in this case a police department, these social media outlets can be very beneficial. They can be a way for others who have a complaint to be able to voice their concern, give advice that will aid the entity, or they want to contact them for employment. These are just a few of examples of why organizations should be linked into social media. After watching this video once it went viral on YouTube and Facebook went to the Gainesville Police Department website and their Facebook page and liked their page. They seem to do a lot of great things in the community. I’m always seeing post of service projects and volunteer work that the department does. Most of the media rarely posts positive things of law enforcement for the reason that it doesn’t get the attention of people like aggressive conduct or a shooting. It’s the duty of a police officer to do good works in the community so some may argue that why would media outlets write or record a story of a law enforcement agency doing what it’s supposed to do.

One thing that I noticed of the Gainesville Police Department was that they themselves were surprised to see Shaquille O’Neal. In my opinion, it makes the department look sincere since they were never planning on going with Shaq to play ball. Their original plan was for Officer Bobby White to bring a group of other officers to play ball with the neighborhood youth, and to 3his surprise Shaq came to play on his team. Another thing I noticed about the recording when Shaq gets out of his Tahoe there are a lot of people recording the reaction of the youth. The department even had a couple of people there specifically with nice cameras to record and take pictures of the event. This shows a lot of savvy towards social media for the department.

Shaq also being a reserve police officer for Doral, Florida, it makes sense why he wanted to help a fellow officer from the same state. It also is great press for him, but I truly don’t think it’s was his main idea to get good publicity. I think he saw an opportunity to help a fellow officer give a great impression of police in this area. He also saw himself in the children playing basketball outside their house, like he did as a kid. He even told the kids they can do anything because he started where they were. He then gave them the opportunity to shoot a three-pointer for $100 each. He made sure to give everyone multiple chances until they earned their $100 dollars. I thought that was awesome of him giving the youth on that street a true role model that they could look up to because he made it from their position to where he is now. Instead of just seeing him on television and not knowing his roots.

On the subject of Shaq becoming a reserve officer, Mass Appeal media outlet said, “considering the events that went down in Ferguson just over a month ago, and the overall bad press the police have received recently, it’s a little off-putting that Shaq would want to align himself with such controversy.” In my opinion that would be a great reason to align yourself with controversy, to show that it is incorrect to generalize a group of people whether it may be a race, religion gender, organization and many more groups. This isn’t directly related to the Gainesville police department basketball game but it was related to Shaq and it was the only negative information that I found. Even TMZ, who thrives on finding out juicy information on celebrities, wrote a positive article on Shaq and Gainesville PD. This in my opinion has been a wonderful experience, not only for the youth but also for the community and the PD. Hopefully it will make people think twice before generalizing law enforcement.


I also noticed that other law enforcement agencies have been warming up to social media. Denver Sheriff’s Department has twitter YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn, icons in their webpage.


Here on the Gainesville Florida Police Department website you can see that they use Twitter and Facebook.