My Most Used Platforms


In today’s world many of us use social media more than we would like to admit. I myself seem to waste hours on YouTube looking at firearm history videos, review videos, news, and tutorials. I also enjoy listening to live podcast through YouTube. This is a fairly new feature that allows you to interact with the channels you have subscribed to by sending them live chat messages during their podcast, it’s pretty cool. Later on the podcast will be posted on the channel for others who missed the live chat to listen to the discussion. I have to give credit to YouTube for giving me much of my useful knowledge as well as the useless too.

YouTube has informed me of the stances of the candidates in the political debates and discussion that are occurring weekly. It gave me the news of El Chapo’s recapture. It also has helped me connect with friends who are far away by allow us to share videos so we can get that one view from a friend, It does a good job at keeping me informed of my friend’s lives. Others have a different reason why they upload videos.

The main goal of many YouTubers is to try to get as many views as they can on their video posts.  People have the perception that you get paid 1 dollar for every thousand views after a million hits or a dime or some perception along those lines.  Well that’s actually not the best way to make money with your videos. Video power actually explains that ads posted before videos or during videos actually make YouTubers more money than views alone, and being able to share those videos on other forms of social media can help a lot.

It’s pretty cool how the social media outlet that I use the most is connected very well with other forms that I use. Facebook is probably the subject of many others when asked what platform they use the most; it’s a close second for me. This social media platform amazes me. I have barely hit my one year mark as a Facebook user. It has helped me connect with friends that I probably wouldn’t hear about if I didn’t have it. It also helps people get their messages and views out there whether it’s from YouTube or another form of communication.



One thought on “My Most Used Platforms

  1. It is interesting the interactive podcast proved to be effective for you in gaining useful knowledge. Although evident, it is important to recognize the large value interactive feedback plays in learning and growth. The live chat message tool in the podcast created by Youtube is probably the most effective manner of interaction, because it’s just that, “live”. I learn best when something becomes real to me, and thus it becomes apart of my long-term memory.
    Thank you!


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